Climate Indicator Bulletins (CIBs)

EURO4M products are disseminated through regularly issued Climate Indicator Bulletins (CIBs). These bulletins focus on user groups interested in, for instance, disaster prevention, health, energy, water resources, ecosystems, forestry agriculture, transport, tourism and biodiversity at European, national and local levels. These user groups do not have to access and process the terabytes of raw observation data or reanalysis data. Instead, the CIB provides them with simple, effective and timely knowledge abstractions from EURO4M data and activities. The bulletins are flexible user-driven products that respond to current environmental and climatic events.

Published CIBs

Eur. Flooding     Eur. Temperature     Eur. Drought          2014 Record
                                                  in November 2011                          

Climate Liaison Team (CLT)

Within EURO4M a Climate Liaison Team (CLT) is actively soliciting user requirements and feedback. Through their mediation, the multi-purpose results of EURO4M will feedback directly into applications and impact assessments relevant to European societal and community needs. The Climate Liaison Team (CLT) will establish a communication process, which responds to information flow in both directions (providers > users and users > providers) and evolves through time, so that users can both obtain and influence the nature (user-driven data format, content and delivery style) of the information they need while understanding the strengths and limitations of the monitoring products. In doing so, the team will establish sustainable links between EURO4M and all GMES services and GEO societal benefit areas. The CLT will also train users in the handling of EURO4M products and services through workshops, e-learning modules, podcasts and user guides covering different skill levels. In this way, EURO4M will ensure stronger links between European applications studies and the outputs from traditional and advanced climate monitoring systems.

The existing core GMES services and the downstream GMES services, which are currently planned and positioned between the multi-purpose core services and the individual user clients, will be actively involved in the CLT. This will ensure that the end-users can and will take full benefit of the wide range of products and services EURO4M will develop. The CLT is building on existing national experience and related ERA-Net activities, such as the ERA-Net.

Two EURO4M User Workshops were held.
Agenda and presentations first User Workshop, 17-18 October 2011
Agenda and presentation second User Workshop, 14-15 May 2013