This communication platform was set up for you to actively participate in the development of our EURO4M products and climate services.

The most relevant activities are listed on the main page. The menu on the middle of the page is for navigation within the communication platform. An info ticker on the middle of this page will provide information as to the progress of the latest products, services and comments. Below that you can enter the different courses. There we are presenting our EURO4M products and services as proposed divided into different groups of interest.


To familiarise yourself with this site and to get in touch with your team members we recommend the following steps:

1) For introducing yourself to the group you are able to edit your user profile on your own by clicking on your name (after logging in your name should be listed on the left side of the page).

2) We would be grateful if you tell the group more about you, your working field and your climate data requirements or product wishes. For this purpose please click on "database: climate data requirements" on the upper middle of the main page to make your entry.


We look forward to finding out more about your requirements and how we can satisfy them at the best.