EURO4M and UERRA General Assembly Meeting,
25-27 March 2014
Exeter, UK
Tuesday 25 March
08.20 REGISTRATION. Please bring your passport for your first day at the Met Office.
Session 1 EURO4M 5th Annual Meeting and GA
  Chair: Richard Renshaw  
09.00 Opening and welcome Dame Julia Slingo, Chief Scientist,
Met Office
09.15 Organization of the meeting Dale Barker, Richard Renshaw (logistics),
Albert Klein Tank (Sessions 1+2),
Per Unden (Sessions 3+4)
09.30 Project achievements and impact Albert Klein Tank
09.50 WP1 Datasets delivered Phil Jones
10.10 Discussion  
10.30 Coffee/Tea Break  
10.50 WP 2 regional reanalyses results Dale Barker
11.10 Evaluation of EURO4M reanalyses
An overview
Christoph Frei and the EURO4M evaluation team
11.35 User involvement in EURO4M Jennifer Lenhardt
11.55 EURO4M outreach, legacy for Copernicus and hand-over to UERRA Albert Klein Tank
12.30 Lunch  
  Chair: Albert Klein Tank  
13.30 Preliminary feedback on the project by the Advisory Board members Adrian Simmons (ECMWF) & Blaz Kurnik (EEA)
14.00 Comments and feedback by REA and the project reviewer Florence Beroud & Mikko Strahlendorff
14.30 Discussion, Q&A  
15.00 Coffee/Tea Break  
15.30 WP 1 Monitoring and analysis of long-term precipitation variations in the Alpine region David Masson (MS)
15.50 Completion of the work carried out under WP1.3: A summary Manola Brunet
16.10 WP2 MO regional reanalysis Peter Jermey
16.30 Results from the 2D-downscaling with Mesan for the years 1989-2010 in
WP 2.3.
Tomas Landelius
16.50 Lessons learned of 4 year European surface reanalysis with MESCAN Cornel Socci
17.10 Evaluation of regional reanalyses against satellite data Jennifer Lenhardt (Joerg Trentmann)
17.30 - 17.45 Discussion  
Wednesday 26 March
Chair: Per Unden
09.00 SURFEX off-line experiment driven by MESCAN over Europe Mathieu Coustau-Guilhou
09.20 UEA results in WP2.5 Ian Harris
09.40 Additional applications in WP3 Roxana Bojariu
10.00 Discussion  
10.30 Coffee/Tea Break  
11.00 Q/A session and feedback from the EU-project reviewer Mikko Strahlendorff
11.20 Discussion  
  Estimating Daily Tmin and Tmax from
Thermal Infrared Satellite Data
Lizzie Good
Session 2 EURO4M organisational and administrative matters
11.40 Deliverables, reporting, financial status Karin van der Schaft
12.05 Tour of operations (optional)  
12.30 Lunch  
Session 3 UERRA overview, organisational and administrative matters
  Chair: Andrea Kaiser-Weiss  
13.30 Overview, Work Packages and their connections Per Unden
13.50 Partners and expectations, staffing situation All
14.20 EU reviewer's expectations  
14.35 Administrative and financial arrangements Madeleine Benderyd
15.00 Coffee/Tea Break  
15.30 Administrative and financial arrangements (cont)  
15.35 Deliverables Per Unden and Madeleine Benderyd
15.50 Introduction to WP1 objectives and initial activities planning Manola Brunet and Phil Jones
16.20 MS (EDI) plans in UERRA WP1 and 3 Christoph Frei
16.40 Extensions to the E-OBS dataset Else van den Besselaar
17.00 - 17.15 Links with ERA-CLIM2 Rob Allan
Project Dinner Wednesday 26 March
Thursday 27 March
Session 4. UERRA Work packages planning
  Chair: Dale Barker  
09.00 WP 2 Ensemble RA by the MO Richard Renshaw
09.25 UB Hybrid EnKF/Nudging approach Jan Keller
09.45 SMHI Harmonie reanalyses Per Dahlgren/Per Unden
10.00 The surface reanalysis and the estimation of uncertainties in surface parameters Eric Bazile
10.20 Forcing data and observations ? All WP2
10.30 Coffee/Tea Break  
11.00 Discussion, reviewer's comments  
11.20 WP3: Introduction and objectives, deliverables, responsibles and interaction. Andrea Kaiser-Weiss
11.50 WP3 Individual contributions, methods and data Partners in WP3
12.20 Reviewer's comments and discussion on WP3 Mikko Strahlendorff
12.30 Lunch  
12.30 Met Office concert (optional)  
  Chair: Richard Renshaw  
13.30 WP4: Introduction Albert Klein Tank
13.40 Plans for regional ensembles' data services at ECMWF Richard Mladek/ Manuel Fuentes
14.00 Demo of dataset visualization and discussion Else van den Besselaar (Maarten Plieger)
14.20 Cross-cutting issues - data  
14.30 WP7 Dissemination and Outreach  
Web site and dissemination plan
14.50 WP 8 User feedback and Workshops  
15.05 WP9 Overarching Coordination over projects Albert Klein Tank
15.20 Coffee/Tea Break  
15.50 EU reviewers comments discussion Mikko Strahlendorff
16.05 Advisory views Advisory members
16.20 Actions, AOB  
16.30 17.15 MST meeting Management Support Team only