EURO4M Work Packages

Work Package 1
Work package leader: Phil Jones, University of East Anglia, UK
The range of activities to be undertaken in WP1 has close linkages and co-operation with ongoing European and international initiatives and infrastructures. We rely on a large number of facilities, instruments and services owned and operated at national, regional and international levels inside and outside the EU. The work in this WP is designed in a way that recognizes that the in situ infrastructure is developed and maintained by Member States and should remain their responsibility (EC, 2008). The funding is used for pan-European integration, which contributes to globally co-ordinated data collection and exchange. The range of expertise in WP1 embraces both long experience in climate monitoring and dataset development of specific ECVs and ongoing involvements on European and international scientific bodies that have developed the current best practises and protocols for such activities. This allows for maximum optimal utilisation of the resources available. The data products will be stored and disseminated using existing data infrastructures, including the KNMI Climate Explorer ( and CM-SAF web user service.

Work Package 2
Work package leader: Dale Barker, Met Office, UK
This WP gains cost effectiveness by building on developments already funded ("leverage"). In particular the work packages WP2.1-3 build on the NWP data assimilation system which are operational at MO, SMHI and MF. Similar use of well-tried operational systems has been a characteristic of most successful reanalysis projects. The infrastructure that needs to be exploited to the full in WP2 is partly from ECMWF. ECMWF is the leading NWP centre in the world, resulting from a 30 yr investment of its 25 European Member and Cooperating States. Its capability to undertake global reanalysis derives both from this core investment and from the external investments that have been made in past reanalysis projects by the European Union and supporting institutions outside Europe. WP2 will use boundary conditions and the observational database infrastructure and expertise on observational bias and quality from the global ERA reanalysis. In particular, the intermediate reanalyses in WP2.2 can be undertaken by the project only because they exploit the ERA-40 and the new ERA-Interim reanalysis being undertaken by ECMWF and the extensive infrastructure and experience built up as a result of ECMWF's operational and earlier reanalysis activities. Reanalysis is the tool that is generally seen as the ultimate tool for integration of all climate change ECV data. As indicated in Section B.1.1, it will take some time before this ideal situation is reached, but the EURO4M investment will strongly contribute to making this happen.

Work Package 3
Work package leader: Roxana Bojariu, NMA-RO
This WP will introduce, develop and implement new CIBs that provide integrated climate change information to different user groups. The CIBs form the main outcome of EURO4M and may develop into a future operational GMES service on climate change monitoring that directly addresses the user needs. The share of the budget dedicated to this WP is therefore fully justified. It can even be considered low, but WP3 will fully profit and build upon the work in the other WPs and the extensive national and international competence amongst the EURO4M beneficiaries. The user interaction aspects in this WP will be supplemented by work already performed within the CM-SAF and the user liaison work already in place at a national level. All of the beneficiaries in WP3 have means of asking user feedback in place at a national level. These networks will form the basis for the European CLT, together with other international networks, such as the ERA-Net CIRCLE. The work in WP3.2 also includes "other activities", such as the preparation and implementation of two training workshops. The fact that this WP receives the lowest share of the budget reflects that the CIB and CLT work is less labour intensive compared with the scientific work in WP1 and WP2.

Work Package 4
Work package leader: Albert Klein Tank, KNMI, Netherlands
The provision of a separate WP for project management, coordination and sustainability reflects the recognition that a project of this scale and ambition must be very efficiently managed if the project is to fully deliver its extensive plans. KNMI will coordinate the EURO4M project. This will involve organising a kick-off meeting for the project and organising EURO4M general assembly and management board meetings (see WP4 description). Also, the project coordinator will maintain regular communication with the EC, monitor the progress of the project, and submit management progress reports and scientific and technical progress reports to the EC. Substantial management effort will also go into the Plan for sustaining and maintaining the EURO4M CIBs as GMES climate change monitoring service and into organising the final EURO4M conference showing the major project results and the way ahead. The small management budget for WP-leaders is needed for travelling to the management board meetings. This will guarantee that the work flow and reporting from each individual WP evolves according to plan.


    Particpants Kick-off meeting
Participants Kick-off Meeting, April 2010