Satellite observations

Within EURO4M, satellite-derived products are considered in connection with surface observations. However, over the oceans and sparsely populated areas, satellite instruments are often the only data source.

EURO4M further develops and integrates the EUMETSAT-SAF (Satellite Application Facility) products and methods for climate monitoring. In this respect, reprocessing of existing satellite products in order to derive at homogeneous long-term datasets is an important effort. Synergy exists between EURO4M satellite products and developments related to ESA Climate Change Initiative.

EURO4M makes use of satellite products to verify the reanalysed data. The project also supports satellite inter-calibration activities in order to improve the homogeneity of the reanalysis results. Climate indices obtained from satellite-based products are of value for monitoring of specific climate impacts such as droughts. Additionally, satellite-based solar irradiance data are used in the commercial solar energy market for the efficient planning and monitoring of solar energy systems.

Solar cells