Focus on the user

Within EURO4M a Climate Liaison Team (CLT) actively solicits user requirements and feedback. Through their mediation, the results of EURO4M feedback directly into applications and impact assessments relevant to European societal and community needs. Sustainable links between EURO4M and GMES are established by actively involving GMES core and downstream services, in line with the user-driven objective of GMES. The CLT also trains users in the handling of EURO4M products and services through workshops, e-learning modules, podcasts and user guides covering different skill levels.

A meta user requirements document has been written on the basis of several existing user reports, workshops and direct dialogue with key users, in particular during the first EURO4M user consultation workshop which DWD organized in Langen, Germany in October 2011, and two workshops organized by the National Meteorological Administration of Romania.

The map below depicts a user-oriented drought index for Romania. Drought can have a significant impact on farming, forestry, and water management.

Self-calibrated Palmer drought severity index
Self-calibrated Palmer drought severity index for July 2012 over Romanian territory (source: NMA-RO). Meaning of the values shown: extremely dry: <-4, moderately dry: between -2 and -3, normal: between -0.5 and 0.5; moderately wet: between 2 and 3, and extremely wet: > 4.

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