In this table you can find the deliverables for the EURO4M project.
Deliverables which are ready are colour-coded. Under result you can find a link to the website or paper in which the deliverable resulted. Deliverable Name WP nr. Lead Ben. Deliverable month Result
D1.1 Gridded high-resolution daily preciptation dataset for the Alpine region 1 MS 36, 46 Report (PDF)
D1.2 Analysis of daily to decadal variations of precipitation in the Alps 1 MS 46 Report (PDF)
D1.3 European window of the GPCC dataset available for the EURO4M 1 DWD 6 website
D1.4 Extended and updated ENSEMBLES gridded daily dataset for Europe (E-Obs, incl. snow cover) 1 KNMI 6, 12, ... website
D1.5 Paper on extended and updated E-Obs dataset 1 KNMI 42 Report (PDF)
D1.6 New UEA (CRU) data products for Potential Evapotranspiration (PET) and PDSI 1 UEA 36, 46 website
D1.7 Gridded 20 yr dataset of surface solar radiation, cloud albedo, cloud fraction and surface albedo derived fro MVIRI (SEVIRI) using the Heliosat method (0.05 degree resolution) 1 DWD 42 Factsheet
D1.8 Integrated gridded dataset of HOAPS and GPCC precipitation covering 20 years (1986-2006) at 0.5° x 0.5° 1 DWD 42 Factsheet
D1.9 Gridded dataset of water vapour based on ATOVS instrument on board of NOAA satellites 1 DWD 42 Factsheet
D1.10 High-resolution datasets of precipitation, SSI and cloud properties for the MSG period (2005-present) 1 KNMI 24 Report (PDF)
D1.11 Max. and min. temperature datasets based on Land-SAF. UK sunshine datasets based on NWCSAF products 1 MO 36 Report (PDF)
Dataset Temperature
Dataset Sunshine
D1.12 Updated and gap-filling of pressure, temperature and precipitation data for the Mediterranean 1 URV 30 data files
D1.13 Merged climate dataset for the Mediterranean 1 NMA-RO 36 Report (PDF)
D1.14 Proposal for additional data rescue activities required for data that have not yet been digitised 1 NMA-RO 12 Report (PDF)
D2.1 New state-of-the-art NAE-based regional atmospheric data assimilation reanalysis system 2 MO 36 Report (PDF)
2.2 Report describing the new system in D2.1, Version 2 2 MO 40 Report (PDF)
D2.3 HIRLAM-based reanalysis dataset at .25 km for most of the past 20 yr period 2 SMHI 36 Report (PDF)
D2.4 Improved MESAN downscaled dataset at 3-12 km resolution for most of the past 20 yr period 2 MO 36 Report (PDF)
D2.5 New MESAN-SAFRAN downscaling system 2 MF 36 Report (PDF)
D2.6 Report describing the new system in D2.5 2 MF 40 Report (PDF)
D2.7 Evaluation of Alpine precipitation in the regional reanalysis 2 MS 46 Report (PDF)
D2.8 Comparison of the different reanalysis downscaling products for precipitation 2 MO 46 Report (PDF)
D2.9 Comparison of the regional reanalyses products with newly developed and existing state-of-the-art systems 2 SMHI 46 Report (PDF)
D2.10 Comparison of existing ERAMESAN with SAFRAN downscaling 2 MF 12 Report (PDF)
D2.11 Evaluation of the newly developed MESAN-SAFRAN system, in particular for snow 2 MF 42 Report (PDF)
D2.12 Evaluation of reanalysis surface solar radiation, cloud properties, top of atmosphere albedo and water vapour using CM-SAF and WP1.2 products 2 DWD 42 Report (PDF)
D2.13 Synthesis report for all evaluation activities in EURO4M 2 MS 46 Report (PDF)
D2.14 Analysis of the improvement of capability for reanalyses through better basic input data 2 UEA 42 Factsheet
D2.15 Access to in situ datasets not used in existing reanalysis 2 UEA 46 Factsheet
D3.1 Climate Indicator Bulletins (CIBs) as sound user-oriented multi-purpose products for future GMES services 3 KNMI 24, 36, 46 Report (PDF)
Report (PDF)
Report (PDF)
D3.2 CIB for the first emerging extreme event within the course of the project 3 KNMI unknown CIB Central European Flooding, September 2013
D3.3 Full description of Climate Liaison Team (CLT) 3 DWD 12 Report (PDF)
D3.4 Meta user-requirement document for the intersection of user needs across the range of user communities 3 DWD 18 Report (PDF)
D3.5 Data storage and dissemination document describing the INSPIRE-compliant infrastructure 3 KNMI 46 Report (PDF)
D3.6 Two video podcasts, E-learning and other training material demonstrating EURO4M products and services 3 DWD 42 Report (PDF)
Podcast 1 Podcast 2
D3.7 Two workshops to support user feedback and dissemination of EURO4M products and services 3 DWD 18, 36 Report (PDF)
D3.8 User guide describing the EURO4M products and services 3 DWD 18, 36 Report (PDF)
D3.9 EURO4M website 3 KNMI 1 website
D3.10 EURO4M brochure and logo 3 KNMI 1 brochure
D4.1 Activity reports and management reports for the Commission 4 KNMI 12, 24, ... PR yr 1
PR yr 2
PR yr 3
D4.2 Detailed implementation plan for the next 18 months for the Commission 4 KNMI 12, 24, ... Report month 24(PDF)
Report month 36 (PDF)
D4.3 Plan for sustaining and maintaining the EURO4M CIBs as contribution to the GMES climate change monitoring service 4 KNMI 46 Report (PDF)
D4.4 Final EURO4M conference showing the major project results and the way ahead 4 KNMI 46 Presentation (PDF)